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Discover The 5 Actionable Strategies 
7 And 8-Figure Sellers Use To Dominate Their Markets

Join The Challenge Workshop And Learn How To Generate Explosive Growth Through Our Proven, Profitable, Low-Hanging Fruit Strategies and Frameworks That Produce FAST Results.

Your goals of a 7-figure exit plan lie on the other side of your Amazon strategy...
But with rising industry costs and endless hurdles, most sellers fall before they get to fly in this business.

We created the “5 Day Double Your Sales Challenge” to change that. In under a week, you’ll get the access codes for creating consistent sales through our proven, profitable, low-hanging fruit strategies and frameworks that you will implement instantly.

Finally, you can:
  • STOP wasting money on outdated coaching, courses, and advice that doesn’t work
  • Get instant clarity on how to drive more product sales by working smart, not hard 
  • Grow with an inner circle of hungry, successful Amazon trailblazers

A Look at EXACTLY What You’ll Gain
From this LIVE 5 Day WORKSHOP

Access Previously Locked Levels of Profitability

In as little as 5 days, you’ll learn how to double sales for any product under your wings. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have the tools and framework to consistently produce the same results on your own for the future.

Stand on the Shoulders of Titans

Titan founder Dan and his Leaders will be sharing their personal sales strategy for winning brands, so you can learn and earn from their combined decades of knowledge and experience.

Trade Secrets From the Trenches

Titan Leadership generates tens of millions in revenue each year on Amazon. Learn their trade secrets, stop driving blind, and discover exactly which levers you need to pull to drastically improve sales and profitability

Grab Your Ticket And Join The Challenge Today

What You Are Going To Implement...

Presented by: Dan Ashburn & Justin Dyson

Day 1: Filling in The Cracks

On Day 1 we’ll focus on market gaps and opportunities for you to capitalize on starting NOW.
  •  How to establish correct root keyword groups for the maturity of your listing
  •  Discover how your “like for like” competitors are generating more sales than you and what to do about it
  •  How to quickly analyze the market "gap" and fill it with your product
Presented by: Dan Ashburn & Lyden Smithers
Special Guest: Campbell Watson

Day 2: Low-Hanging Fruit Opportunity

Day 2 is all about working smart by sticking close to the money and focusing on what Amazon cares about most.
  •  How to "tweak" your listing and instantly increase Sessions
  •  How to dissect and review your competitor’s products and use the data to get ahead in the market
  •  The low-hanging fruit opportunity your business needs to 10x efficiency and stay ahead of rising operational costs
Presented by: Dan Ashburn & Lyden Smithers & Kian Golzari

Day 3: Optimizing your prices for profits (and your cash flow)

On Day 3 we’ll show you how to look at your product prices objectively and adjust them according to the market to encourage easier buyer decisions.
  •  How to perform a critical price ratio analysis
  •  Discover how the market dictates the true best price for your products
  • Solve cashflow challenges hindering growth with your supplier
Presented by: Dan Ashburn & Justin Dyson & Brendan Pettit

Day 4: Ace Your Advertising

On Day 4, we dive deep into advertising and how you can maximize your organic and paid search through campaigns.
  •  The correct way to run PPC for overall business and profit growth
  •  Updated campaign structuring that makes PPC way more manageable and effective
  • The only PPC metrics that matter and how to track them in a single view
Presented by: Titan Network Leadership team
Special Guest: Scott Deetz

Day 5: Leverage & Scale

Day 5 is where it all comes together. We equip you with the tools, mindset, and network to scale your business exponentially as we bring 2021 to a close.

Grab Your Ticket And Join The Challenge Today

Prize Draw

You qualify for the prize draw by attending all 5 LIVE sessions. Here's whats up for grabs 👇

$10,000 in Cash Prizes to be Collected

We’re giving away 2x $5,000 prizes in hard cash. Use this to fund future product or accelerate the growth of current ones.

$20,000 in Titan memberships

We’re giving away $20,000 in Titan memberships.

Win a Full Listing Makeover ($2,500)

Shoe up every day for the chance to let Titan Ignite revamp and strengthen your entire product listing. So you can go from a mildly successful business to a thriving Amazon brand.

5 x Titans of FBA live event tickets

We're also giving away 5 tickets to our upcoming Titans of FBA LIVE event in Orlando in November.
Believe it or not, you were meant to grow fast and thrive. Not drown among the sea of other Sellers out there.
If you’ve blamed yourself for not finding “lasting success” with your Amazon product range, it’s not your fault.

You’ve been told by friends, YouTube gurus, and the media that you can simply grind your way to greatness.

Here’s the reality: The road to explosive and consistent sales is littered with challenges.

Rising business costs, competition overload, and the current shipping crisis we’re all experiencing.

These speedbumps slow you down, leave you out of pocket, and wear your patience thin.

This is where most people cave in and quit.

But what if there was a better way?

A way to get off the seller hamster wheel and boss up to your new destiny as an elite Amazon brand?

You don’t need to bang your head off the wall in hopes of a light-bulb moment.

You need to unlock your inner sales maverick, take the path of least resistance, and grab the low-hanging fruit that will massively transform your Amazon brand.

This challenge will get you there.

How Exactly Does This Challenge Work?

The “5 Day Double Your Sales Challenge” was designed with your prosperity in mind. All you need to do is show up, absorb the teachings, and take action.

Step 1. Register now using the button below

Step 2. Attend all 5 LIVE Facebook calls and complete the action task for that day

Step 3. Enjoy the benefits of higher sales, ROI, and profits to help you scale your brand and get closer to a multi-million dollar exit

Feeling lucky?

Step 4. Attend every session for your chance to win one of our 4 prizes - $5,000 in cash, a personalized listing makeover, event tickets to our upcoming event in Orlando and annual memberships to Titan Network.

See Feedback From Past Attendees!

TLDR: Minds were blown!

“I challenge every Amazon brand owner, big or small, to do the work and win big”
A word from Titan CEO Dan:

If you don’t believe you deserve great things in life, they won’t come to you.

A lesson on self-worth I learned over the years helping countless Amazon brands scale to 7-figures and beyond.

You see, most sellers stay trapped because of their mindset. They freeze up at the thought of actually reaching their dreams.

For one simple reason…

If you don’t learn the skills and strategy to guarantee your success, you’ll subconsciously hold yourself back from the very dream you’re chasing.

I created this challenge to make sure that doesn’t happen.

It's about giving you a proven framework that you can implement on ANY product to increase its sales. 

To help you reach out, grab your business by the horns, and steer it into a new wave of growth.

All in the space of 5 days.

By the end, you’ll have all the tools and self-belief needed to transform your Amazon business into an industry-leading, profit-generating machine”

Grab Your Ticket And Join The Challenge Today

“It really feels like a family”
"Instead of drowning in something I didn’t know how to fix I  was being given a solution right away"
"I've been blown away with the amount of support and information"
“Our business has literally tripled”
“I feel like my business is a different animal”
“Associating with like-minded people on a daily basis. That’s gold.”
“I don’t know if you realise this but you’ve created a community where you have shared values”
“This is our first step on the path to becoming multi-millionaires”
“It makes me really confident that I can grow the business even more”
“You can connect with someone who is a little further down the path you’re on”
“I doubled my sales with the PPC training”
“Titan is fuelling the expansion of our company”
“Titan has given me the ability to completely customise and source a product that doesn’t exist yet in the market”
“We believe that your network is your net worth”
“I want to surround myself with people who have already achieved what I want to achieve”
“The connections and the friendships will widen your reach and your opportunities”
“If I joined earlier I wouldn’t have wasted time & money on Guru’s”
“I don’t how Dan & Athena have done it but there’s a real culture of sharing in here”
"It's a community that actually cares about you and where you're at in the business"
"Titan is an awesome community of people trying to be better at business.. and trying to be better at life"
"The huddles, masterclasses and SOPs helped us launch our first product"
"The kind of people we can speak to on a daily basis, is just unreal"
"It has been amazing for my business and for me personally"
I attribute (our success) to being around sellers that are a level higher than myself"

Grab Your Ticket And Join The Challenge Today

The Challenge starts Monday 27th September where we'll be LIVE everyday at 12 PM EST inside an exclusive Facebook Group until Friday 1st October.
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This Masterclass provides valuable resources and training for Amazon Sellers. Titan Network makes no claims or representations that listening to this masterclass will automatically launch your product for you. It is up to you to implement the steps and create your own success. Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of Titan Network. your business experience may vary based upon the effort and education of your business's employees,  management and the market forces beyond anyone's control.

The "Double Your Sales" Challenge

Starts: Sep 27th, 12 PM EST Daily

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