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🌴 Cancun Accelerator: Validate, Fix, Innovate

Get Explosive Results from Your 2024 Growth Plan with
 Brand New PPC and TikTok Shop Strategies ONLY Taught
 Inside This 3-Day Intensive Mastermind

Members-Only, Cancun, Feb 25-29, 2024

The Biggest Breakthrough Event for Titans Starts In…

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This Is How You Achieve Predictable, Profitable Growth on Amazon In 2024
The gap between where your business is currently and the ambitious profit and PPC goals you’ve set for yourself come down to two things: 

1. The actions you take. 
2. Your speed to action. 

Planning, while critical, is like setting up the pieces of a game of chess. 

You’ve got all the pieces on the board and identified your first moves…but you still need to validate that your long term strategy is the most effective way to win the game.  

That’s what we’ll empower you to do at the Cancun Mastermind.  

We’ll help you bridge the clarity gap between your 2024 growth plan and the actions needed to increase profit margins and drive predictable growth. 

Discover Which 20% of Actions Will Lead to 80% Of Your Growth

In Cancun, we’ll help you see all the moving pieces in your business and do an 80/20 analysis on your time, resources and team.

We’ll spend 80% of the time validating your action plan and fixing your conversions and PPC campaigns with PROVEN strategies…

then spend 20% innovating new growth paths with none other than TikTok Shop.    

And we'll do all of this with Titan Leaders looking over your shoulder, helping you implement in real time. 
THIS is how you uncover which actions get you outsized results…and how to immediately gain back control in your business. 

The Simplest, Surest & Most Effective Way To Achieve Life-Changing Success In 2024

I’m in the “relationship business.”

I connect driven entrepreneurs with industry leaders who share everything about how to achieve rarely seen levels of success.

And while what we’ve created in the online space with Titan Network is unmatched.

Our in person events are by far the most effective, impactful, and fun (yes, having fun is important!) environment to do this in.

We aim to deliver A LOT during these events.

But you can think of everything you’ll get as coming under these four areas;
I’ve already covered the connections you’ll experience which will unlock your potential for success.

And you’ve seen what previous event attendees have had to say about how their business literally transformed and took off after our events.

But I want to talk about something else which always gets fed back to us from Titans who attend these events.

The friendships, lifelong memories, and experiences these events provide that you cherish forever.

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet up with your fellow Titans?

Immerse yourself in an environment that promotes success, collaboration, and connections all while having a good time?

Break out of your home environment and experience all the energy, thrills, and inspiration that travel brings?

And do all of this in the most stunning surroundings you can imagine?

Make no mistake about it, the breakthroughs that happen at our in person events go on to transform entire businesses in record time.

You’ll create lifelong bonds with other entrepreneurs who believe more is always possible and live life on the same wavelength as you.

The combination of all the like minded people and the incredible surroundings combine to create an experience like no other.

What People Said From Past Cancun Events

“This is where you want to be.”
“Clarity! You’re able to build an action plan and have support to fulfill it.”  
“You get invigorated to do better and bigger things.” 

What You Will Gain From Attending

At the Cancun Mastermind, you'll get FIRST ACCESS to the PPC 2.0 Framework and the brand new TikTokShop funnel to implement before the trip is over. 

You won’t see any of these updated strategies in the Network until later this spring. 

In an industry where having every edge counts…

this is how you move into 2024 with full confidence, clarity, and control in your business.  

Here’s a breakdown of how the Mastermind will flow:

  DAY 1: Validate 

This is where we get into the weeds of your 2024 growth plan.
  • We’re taking you out of the “WHAT to do” aspect of goal setting…and getting into “HOW to do it” 
  • See exactly where to allocate your time, team, and resources to hit your 2024 goals
  • Get your plan peer-reviewed and validated by your group and Titan Leader so all you have to do is work the plan for the rest of the year

 DAY 2: Fix

Purely focused on fixing your conversions.
  • Dan and Justin are revealing the brand new PPC 2.0 Framework which has resulted in 9-figures in Amazon sales in 2023 
  • You’ll see exactly why the PPC 2.0 Framework will increase margins for your current products and be the backbone strategy for all future product launches
  • You’ll get first-access to the updated keyword and A+ content strategy before we roll it out to the rest of the Network in April…and implement it before the day is done 

DAY 3: Innovate

Learn how to leverage the hottest ecommerce opportunity, TikTok Shop, for your brand.
  • Discover how to make money on TikTok without being a content creator or making dancing videos 
  • ​Get the proven TikTok Shop SOPs and scripts to maximize your opportunities with TikTok Creators
  • ​Come home from Cancun with an inbox full of influencers anxious to promote your products
  • ​Jump ahead of the competition by getting your brand on TikTok Shop in one day!

PLUS, You'll Be Surround With Like-Minded People
 Going After the Same Goals As You

You’ll meet hundreds of Titans in person, and tap into the collective brain power of other dreamers and the doers who see greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself.

Join Your Fellow Titans At An
 All-Inclusive, Oceanfront 5 Star Resort 

If you were to die and go to Amazon heaven... you’d wake up here with us in Cancun. 

We’ll be at the Hyatt Ziva Cancun, overlooking the Caribbean Mexico’s Yucatan Coast, and nerding out on all things Amazon.

Your Ticket Includes:

  • 4 nights accommodation at a 5-star ocean front luxury resort
  • ​​Premium drinks and food all included
  • ​Group dinners and events including an ocean-view gala
  • ​3 full days jam packed with expert speakers, work parties, and masterminding
  • ​2 "book end days" for hotel check in and check out

You’ll Accomplish More In 5 Days 
Than Most Amazon Sellers Do In 5 Months.

This trip is all about implementation. You’ll be completely surrounded by other like-minded entrepreneurs in a productive AND fun environment.

We’ve intentionally structured each day as follows: 
Training | Action | Repeat.

So you can implement as you go. 

Plus, you’ll be seated with your group and Titan Leader where you can ask questions, collaborate, and leave feeling supported and empowered moving into 2024.

You’re getting first access to the brand new 2.0 PPC Framework AND TikTok Shop funnel that won’t be published in the network until later this spring…and that the public will never have.

If you want to get these implemented within the 5 days of our trip, get your Cancun ticket now.

A Word From Past Attendees

“I needed a set of eyes from someone with more experience…now we have a gameplan”
“Ecommerce can be lonely…this way you have colleagues” 
“I’ve only been a member for 1 month, but my mind is already blown”
Hyatt Ziva, Cancun, Mexico
VIP Ticket holders arrive and network
6/7pm networking event
VIP Day (meet with leaders, hands on workshop with speakers)
1-on-1 with a Mentor/Leader
Live #workparties
Group Training
Titan Event
Speaker Presentations
Group Dinner
Titan Event
Speaker Presentations
Group Dinner
Networking Day/Dinner 
Poolside Networking
Dinner & Awards Ceremony
Travel Home

Save Your Spot in Cancun

Shared Room: $2,997
Single Room: $3,497 
Double*/Twin Room: $6,119

Double Room available for Couples or Business Partners

All Tickets Include:

4 Nights Luxury Hotel Stay
All Inclusive Meals & Drinks
All Workshops and Parties
2 Way Airport Transfer

Got questions about tickets?

Our Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates?
February 25-29, 2024 
Which airport do I fly into?
Cancun International Airport (CUN)
What’s included?
Four nights at the Hyatt 5-star, all-inclusive resort, premium food and drinks, and admission to the Titan mastermind and events 
Can I bring my business partner?
Absolutely! Titan registered business partners are more than welcome. Ensure each person attends by purchasing one ticket per guest.
Will there be recordings from the event?
Nope. The nature of our discussions involves exclusive tips and strategies, so we won't be recording the event.
How about airport transfers?
Also included!
How does room sharing work?
When you secure a shared room ticket, you'll be paired with an awesome same-sex Titan member. If you have a preferred roommate, email us at to confirm.
Can I extend my trip?
Yes. We've secured a limited number of rooms for extended stays, available three nights before and after our event dates.

These exclusive rates are reserved for event attendees within our room block and are subject to availability.

For more details and to secure your extended stay, please reach out to us at
Are tickets refundable?
No. Due to the nature of the pre-purchase of rooms with the hotel, we are unable to provide refunds.
Is the event open to non-Titan members?
No. This is a Titan member event only.
Got questions about the event?