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Join us In Cancun For A Mastermind Event Packed With Breakthrough Moments, New Connections, & Lifelong Memories

MEMBERS ONLY: Titan Mastermind Cancun 2024
Feb 25 - 29, 2024 | Cancun, MX
Your Exclusive Invite From Athena & Dan...
Hello my fellow Titan :)

When it comes to generating momentum, growth and success in your business quickly…

A lot of factors need to line up at the same time.

I call these “breakthrough moments”.

You only get to experience a handful of them in your entrepreneurial journey.

And how many you experience comes down to how willing you are to take opportunities when they’re presented to you.

Our Cancun Masterminds in 2022 & 2023 proved to be one of these “breakthrough moments” for those who took the opportunity to attend.

Which is no surprise.

Our events provide the most fertile ground for growth, opportunities and life altering connections.

Which is why there’s an undeniable correlation between Titans who attend these events and those who go on to achieve incredible success.

You’re literally surrounded by and immersed in success for days on end.

- No zoom calls.
- No direct messages.
- No comments sections.

This is all done in person and in an environment where every conversation can move the needle in your business.

Which as you know, has a whole different level of impact.

Just think about the conversations you’ll be able to have.

How you can literally slide your laptop across the table to an elite Seller who will get hands on with growing your business.

The clarity of thought you’ll experience from their analysis of where you are and what you need to focus on to reach the next level.

Observing up close and personal how Titan Leaders operate as CEO’s of their businesses.

PLUS the new connections, experiences, and lifelong memories you’ll have by the end of the event.

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the doers, the believers and the thinkings, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself.

The Simplest, Surest & Most Effective Way To Achieve Life-Changing Success In 2024

I’m in the “relationship business.”

I connect driven entrepreneurs with industry leaders who share everything about how to achieve rarely seen levels of success.

And while what we’ve created in the online space with Titan Network is unmatched.

Our in person events are by far the most effective, impactful, and fun (yes, having fun is important!) environment to do this in.

We aim to deliver A LOT during these events.

But you can think of everything you’ll get as coming under these four areas;
I’ve already covered the connections you’ll experience which will unlock your potential for success.

And you’ve seen what previous event attendees have had to say about how their business literally transformed and took off after our events.

But I want to talk about something else which always gets fed back to us from Titans who attend these events.

The friendships, lifelong memories, and experiences these events provide that you cherish forever.

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet up with your fellow Titans?

Immerse yourself in an environment that promotes success, collaboration, and connections all while having a good time?

Break out of your home environment and experience all the energy, thrills, and inspiration that travel brings?

And do all of this in the most stunning surroundings you can imagine?

Make no mistake about it, the breakthroughs that happen at our in person events go on to transform entire businesses in record time.

You’ll create lifelong bonds with other entrepreneurs who believe more is always possible and live life on the same wavelength as you.

The combination of all the like minded people and the incredible surroundings combine to create an experience like no other.
What You Can Expect From Attending Our Cancun Mastermind
  • Scaling sessions focused on how to generate growth, sales, and profits right now in your business from industry leaders who are way ahead of the curve, and have the market insights that will set you miles apart from your competition.
  • A collaborative and creative environment you NEED to scale your business in real time, as you sit shoulder to shoulder with fellow ambitious entrepreneurs and Titan Leaders who have been where you are and know what the next steps are.
  • Tools, techniques, and feedback from experts who can create on the spot solutions to the biggest challenges in your business, giving you a chance to make HUGE leaps forward.
And remember, you’ll be doing this ‘Titan Style’, so when the work stops the parties start :)

We talk about creating a dream life with a balance of fulfilling work and making memories that last a lifetime.

So we’d be hypocrites if we didn’t switch off, have a good time and make memories in the most stunning surroundings you can imagine.

Learn How To Skyrocket Your Business In Luxury, All-Inclusive 5* Resort
Your Ticket Includes:
  •  4 nights accommodation at a 5* all-inclusive ocean front luxury resort - premium drinks and food all included. Single, shared and couple occupancy available.
  • ​Group dinners and events including a full gala dinner (more details to follow)
  • ​Access to Titan Mastermind and Conference! 4 days* jam packed with expert speakers, workshops and masterminding. Just one conversation will move you forward in your business!
It’s also an opportunity to break free from your day to day work environment and immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings of Cancun where you can make more progress in 5 days than you would normally make in 5 months.
Not to mention the reenergising feeling you're going to come away with! 
And remember, you’ll be doing this ‘Titan style’ which means an immersive experience like no other.

We talk about creating a dream life that’s balanced between fulfilling work and making memories that last a lifetime.

So we’d be hypocrites if we didn’t switch off and have amazing fun together in the most stunning surroundings you can imagine.
Hyatt Ziva, Cancun, Mexico
VIP Ticket holders arrive and network
6/7pm networking event
VIP Day (meet with leaders, hands on workshop with speakers)
1-on-1 with a Mentor/Leader
Live #workparties
Group Training
Titan Event
Speaker Presentations
Group Dinner
Titan Event
Speaker Presentations
Group Dinner
Networking Day/Dinner 
Poolside Networking
Dinner & Awards Ceremony
Travel Home

You’re One Conversation Away…

One conversation at this event can change the trajectory AND unlock the potential of your business.

That’s not an overstatement.

It’s a reality I’ve seen play out countless times.

Think about it…

You’ll be able to speak with a Titan Leader in person about how you can scale your business.

You’ll get detailed answers to your questions and immediately effective solutions to problems.

You’ll have your path to success mapped out (with the pitfalls clearly marked).

And here’s something else to think about…

You can have countless conversations like this.

That should really drive home the scale of the opportunity you have right now.

Which brings us to the “straight shooting” part of your invitation.

Demand is VERY high for this event.

For all the reasons I’ve laid out above.

Plus the overwhelming desire to break free from home working environments and travel to a stunning location.

I’m not going to use any fake scarcity or marketing “tricks” here.

But I will explain the truth of the situation: This event is close to impossible to put together… especially for the investment we’re asking for.
It’s not easy to get all of these people in the same place, given that they are running wildly successful businesses.

So when I tell you this is a rare opportunity, I mean it.

Your Titan Leaders command 5-figure day rates for consulting, and are worth every penny.

And if you look at any other event in the digital marketing/online business space you’ll quickly realize how unbelievably valuable your ticket investment is.

Most other events charge a higher ticket price and send you a link to organize your own accommodation.

We’re not doing that.

We’re asking you to invest in a ticket, book your flight, and let us handle the rest.

In theory you could lose your wallet or purse on the way to Cancun and not miss out on a single thing.

And we’ve made your ROI from this event as close to a guaranteed thing as possible by placing you in a proven environment where success and ambition is all around you.

We want you to look back on this event as the moment you levelled up in 2024 and scaled your business into the stratosphere.

So secure your spot now before they fill up.

Oh, and one more thing…

When I see you in the reception of the Hyatt Ziva you can expect a huge hug and a lot of positive energy from me :)

Can’t wait to see your face and make amazing memories together.

Our Partners

Venue and Details
February 25th - 29th, 2024
Hotel Ziva, Cancun
Closest Airport: Cancun , Mexico
Shuttles will pick you up from Cancun airport
Rooms are included in your ticket price.
Meals and drinks are all inclusive


Does the ticket include accommodation?
Yes! It includes your all-inclusive stay at the resort which means your accommodation, transfers to and from the airport, food, drink and access to the event. The only thing you need to cover in addition is your flights. 
Are Tickets Refundable?
No. Due to the nature of the agreement and pre-purchase of rooms with the hotel, we are unable to provide refunds. 
How will room sharing work? 
If you have a member in mind that you would like to share with, please let us know at, otherwise, we will pair you with a same-sex member from Titan.
Is the event open to non-Titan members?
No, this is a Titan Member event only. 
Got questions about the event?


Super Early Bird Prices

Shared Room: $2,497
Single Room: $3,497 
EarlyBird Double/Twin Room: $6,119

Double Room available for Couples or Business Partners

All Tickets Include:
4 Nights Luxury Hotel Stay
All Inclusive Meals & Drinks
All Workshops and Parties
2 Way Airport Transfer