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Profitable Growth Planning Challenge

This Profit Planning System Is How You Take Back Control Of Your Business And Plan For Profitable Growth In 2024

đź”´ Only Available For A Limited Time
Open to All Amazon Sellers
If you're looking for clarity on how to achieve your 2024 goals on Amazon, this is for you. 
Right now, your margins are getting squeezed.

Competition is fierce. 

And advertising costs are rising. 

Maybe you're wondering if selling on Amazon is still viable... 

Especially if it feels like you've tried everything.

What if you could put a spotlight on what you're not doing?

And go into the new year with a new perspective and proven profit system trusted by hundreds of Sellers? 

If You Look Back on the Things You've Tried…

  • ​How do you know if you’re focusing on the areas that produce the highest ROI?
  • ​​Where do you find the right strategies to get the results you want?
  • What would have to change so you hit 20%+ margins on your products?

If you can’t answer these questions, don't worry. Not many Sellers can.

That's because most Amazon Sellers have been taught marketing...

But have never learned finance strategies...

Or been handed a custom growth plan based on revenue....

Until now. 

The Profitable Growth Planning Challenge 
A three-day virtual workshop that shows you exactly what to do on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to generate profitable growth on Amazon in 2024

HERE'S EVERYTHING You get when you join…

✅ 3 modules of coaching from industry leaders responsible for scaling multiple 7- and 8-figure brands 
✅ How to "read between the cells" of your P&L sheet  to discover the financial KPI’s and immediate uncover what will get you to 20%+ profit margins FAST.
✅ The growth levers at your fingertips which you can pull at any time to scale faster without slashing your profit margins 
✅ Your personal product launch calendar which maps out when and how to scale your brand with new products 
✅ Plug-and-play progress tracking sheets to see your financials in real time and get ahead of issues before they arise 


 This has been incredible. I cannot believe how much i've learned, so much progress, so much strategy, so much enthusiasm! 

Mary. P

in 3 days, i've learned more than the last 10 Amazon courses i've bought it to.

Kamilia. B

This is re-igniting the fire beacause I am starting to see an action plan for bringing growth back to my Amazon business.

Kip. G
Here’s a Day-By-Day Breakdown of the Challenge…
Module 1: Discovery & Momentum
Get clear on your numbers and identify which strategies will produce growth in your business right away
  • Discover your 3 levels of "contribution margin" and see how they lead to profitable growth
  • ​Find your YOY growth rate and create financial projections for 2024 grounded in real numbers
  • ​Identify your revenue goals and back into the strategies required to achieve them
Module 2: The Growth Menu
Get our best strategies for generating revenue...and see how to pick which ones are RIGHT for you
  • Why using the “ABL” method is as close to guaranteed growth on Amazon as you can get 
  • How to know when to expand your product line and the process we use for 6-figure launches
  • How to ​break down Q1 goals into an actionable product launch checklist
Module 3: Your Growth Plan
Set your quarterly, monthly and weekly objectives to streamline your growth all of 2024
  • How to set goals and tasks effectively so they actually get done
  • ​How to allocate tasks between yourself and your team (even if you just use freelancers)
  • ​Find your biggest growth lever so can avoid the minutiae and stay focused on GROWTH! 
The Strategies You’ll Discover Here Come From 7- and 8-Figure Sellers Actively Scaling Brands on Amazon 
The Titan Network is just that…. a network led by more than 40 of the Top 1% of Amazon Sellers.

They are experts in marketing, finance, sourcing, operations, and more. 

There's a good chance you'll recognize some of the Titan Leaders pictured here.  
Everything you’ll learn in the challenge has been tried, tested and proven not just in their businesses…

But in the businesses of our members who our Leaders mentor inside Titan Network.

Inside this Challenge, you're getting the most current growth strategies trusted by hundreds of Amazon Sellers.

Which means you'll be able to cherry pick the strategies that fit your business needs today. 

Join the Challenge Now for Only $47 

The ROI you get on this Challenge far exceeds what you'll pay based on the cost-saving strategies you'll learn alone...

not to mention the revenue-generating strategies that'll add thousands to your business in the year to come.

Could we charge more? ...Absolutely.

Especially since you’ll learn directly from multi 7- and 8-figure Sellers to create a custom growth plan.

But this challenge is about helping as many Sellers as possible recover from this year and move fast towards their goals in 2024.

You're Covered By Not One...
But TWO Guarantees
The first guarantee is if you show up every day, engage, and do the work…

You’ll be set up for your best-ever year in business.

The next guarantee is that if you aren't satisfied with the content, email us at within 5 days of purchase.

We'll refund you every penny of your investment. 
If You Don't Make a Plan for 2024 Now...
You'll Be Playing Catchup All Year
That's because strategy takes time to implement, and results are a lagging indicator of success. 

Waiting until later this January or February to plan means you won't see positive changes until Q2.

But if you make your 2024 plan right now, you'll reap the rewards all year.  

And you'll get relief from your current situation faster.

It's a more powerful way to start the year and get ahead of your competition. 

“We advise every Amazon brand owner, big or small, to step up and claim what’s theirs in 2024”
A word from Titan co-founders Dan Ashburn & Athena Severi.
If you don’t believe you deserve great things in life, they won’t come to you.

Most sellers stay trapped because of their mindset. 

They freeze up at the thought of actually reaching their goals. 

Deep inside they believe others deserve the best, not them. 

For one simple reason… 

If you DON'T learn the skills and strategy to guarantee your success...

you subconsciously hold yourself back from the very dream you’re chasing...

And let yourself off the hook. 

We created this Challenge to make sure that doesn’t happen.  

By the end of our 3 days together...

you’ll not only have access to a Growth Menu of game-changing strategies...

You'll also have the self-belief needed to transform your Amazon business into a profit-generating machine that works for YOU.


Prize Draw

You qualify for the prize draw by attending all 5 LIVE sessions. Here's whats up for grabs 👇

$10,000 in Cash Prizes to be Collected

We’re giving away 2x $5,000 prizes in hard cash. Use this to fund future product or accelerate the growth of current ones.

$20,000 in Titan memberships

We’re giving away $20,000 in Titan memberships.

Win a Full Listing Makeover ($2,500)

Shoe up every day for the chance to let Titan Ignite revamp and strengthen your entire product listing. So you can go from a mildly successful business to a thriving Amazon brand.

5 x Titans of FBA live event tickets

We're also giving away 5 tickets to our upcoming Titans of FBA LIVE event in Orlando in November.

See Feedback From Past Attendees!

TLDR: Minds were blown!

How do I take part in the Challenge?
The modules will be presented within our Teachable School Course.

How many hours does each module last?
Approx. 1.5hrs for training and 1.5 hours Q&A.

How long do I have access to the training?
You will have two weeks to complete the curriculum and implement it into your business.
Once your two weeks are up, your access will be removed.
“It really feels like a family”
"Instead of drowning in something I didn’t know how to fix I  was being given a solution right away"
"I've been blown away with the amount of support and information"
“Our business has literally tripled”
“I feel like my business is a different animal”
I attribute (our success) to being around sellers that are a level higher than myself"
“I don’t know if you realise this but you’ve created a community where you have shared values”
“This is our first step on the path to becoming multi-millionaires”
“It makes me really confident that I can grow the business even more”
“You can connect with someone who is a little further down the path you’re on”
“I doubled my sales with the PPC training”
“Titan is fuelling the expansion of our company”
“Titan has given me the ability to completely customise and source a product that doesn’t exist yet in the market”
“We believe that your network is your net worth”
“I want to surround myself with people who have already achieved what I want to achieve”
“The connections and the friendships will widen your reach and your opportunities”
“If I joined earlier I wouldn’t have wasted time & money on Guru’s”
“I don’t how Dan & Athena have done it but there’s a real culture of sharing in here”
"It's a community that actually cares about you and where you're at in the business"
"Titan is an awesome community of people trying to be better at business.. and trying to be better at life"
"The huddles, masterclasses and SOPs helped us launch our first product"
"The kind of people we can speak to on a daily basis, is just unreal"
"It has been amazing for my business and for me personally"
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This Masterclass provides valuable resources and training for Amazon Sellers. Titan Network makes no claims or representations that listening to this masterclass will automatically launch your product for you. It is up to you to implement the steps and create your own success. Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of Titan Network. your business experience may vary based upon the effort and education of your business's employees,  management and the market forces beyond anyone's control.